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About "Quotations ~ The Magical Words"


Words are the best way to express our feelings.. And if the words are framed in Quotes, they get a life.. This site is a collection of such nice words quoted with feelings - and this is what I call "Quotations".. ╚► Enjoy Quotes & Share your words too..

This Site is Dedicated to All Quote lovers around the world, People who like writing as well as reading :).

This site is basically derived from our great Community on Orkut named as

Q " Quotations ~ The Magical Words "Q

So Let's start here only.. Enjoy reading Quotes.. or even if you like we've best feature that You too can Post your own or your favorite Quotes, just register with us and start contributing.. enjoy the world of words on web and for any kind of Reports / Suggestions / Queries please do mail us on

& as I always say > "Make Someone Smile Today & Keep Smiling" ~ aRuNiM.. :)

~ Quotations Team ~

Pooja Saxena (Editor)

Arunim Saxena (Founder)

More to be listed.. .. .. ..

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