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The Butterfly ---*---- by Randy Lee

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I watched a Butterfly today,

She seemed to know the right way.

She would flutter here and flutter there

And then she landed on my chair.

The sunlight glistened off her beautiful wings

And I swear I heard her begin to sing.

Her colors were all purples and pinks

And I could feel an emptiness in me begin to sink.

A Coldness in my heart began to melt

And a warmness replaced it, which I have never felt.

With one last chorus she fluttered high

I thought if I lost her I just might die.

Then I heard a voice, crystal clear

You shall never loose me; I will always be near.

So I have planted a butterfly garden you see,

For a butterfly must always be free.

And I watch my butterfly every day,

So that I too, now know the way.

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